Dollar TreeCG: TMNT 2nd Series Wax Packs

One thing I happen to see a lot of in the double packs are these TMNT wax packs. These were popular pack in the day for coming packaged with a stick of gum and features a large number of movies and shows popular at the time. Despite some of the sticks being intact, I won’t be trying these at all. 

The back advertises a promo for the complete set of movie cards printed with deluxe card stock (Wowzer!) and in a special box all for a whopping  $19.95. 

The art is taken from various episodes and give a rundown in each card (and look, Usagi Yojimbo!). The stickers have a back similar to Garbage Pail Kids and Wacky Packages where each one is a part of a bigger picture.

I may not have enough the create the picture, but at least I have a disgruntled looking Splinter.

All in all these are some nostalgic cards and it shouldn’t be hard to grab a few for a dollar (a common price today compared to the quarter it was almost 30 years ago) and build a few episodes. 


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