Dollar TreeCG: Yu-Gi-Oh Dollar Packs

I had some boosters lying around and decided to do the same thing I did with the Pokemon packs. So let’s see if the dollar store Yu-Gi-Oh packs are worth it. 

First are “Battle Pack 3 Monster League” 5 card packs. This set has 237 cards: 55 rare, 165 common, and 17 “shatterfoil” card. Now, I’m not up to date on Yu-Gi-Oh, so I don’t know what these shatterfoil cards are. 

Funnily enough I’m met with my first one, and found out that all the packs I had contained 1 shatterfoil and 1 silver lettered card. I assume each pack has at least 1 of each or a higher rarity. 

Next are the “Millennium Pack Lite Edition” packs. These only have 3 cards from a set of 48: 28 common, 10 rare, 6 super rare, and 4 ultra rare. Going in I thought these were for a movie, but they look like “classic” packs from the first movie and earlier. 

No rares, only nostalgia. My final thoughts if they’re worth it or not is in between. It doesn’t look like you’re getting bad cards, but if you’re a collector you shouldn’t have high hopes for these. 


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