Booster Busting: Dragon Ball Z Trading Cards Series 2

A while back, I found this box of DBZ boosters and nostalgia hit me. Back in the day I remember getting a single pack of these and pulling an all silver Porunga card. I thought it was super rare or something, but lost it over time. After seeing the box, I see that it’s normal to have a card like that, since they come in every pack.

There is also 82 cards in the set, and with 24 packs of 6, which gives me 144 cards, there’s a good chance of completing the series.

Cracking it open I get a whiff of 90’s game stores and childhood. The packs themselves are pretty thin and we’re during a time where variant pack covers were non-existent. 

The cards show scenes from the show and a description of the scene on the back. Since they’re old, and made of a smooth card stock, they ended up sticking together. But, unlike the Tek War cards I unpacked, the stock is a better quality and they didn’t tear when coming apart.

The “special bonus” card is a character with a foil background of Shenron. This one in particular is Bulma sporting a large necklace.

After opening about 5 packs, I came across this gem alongside a Zarbkn card that seems to be fading a little.

After opening 13 packs, I’ve assembled almost all of the series, missing probably 10 or so normal cards and 1 special card. Hopefully I can display this set in completion and not have a gap or two.

This set chose some great art to use, though some of the descriptions don’t really show what it explains.

As I open the final pack, I see that RNGesus was not looking upon me today. I am missing just 6 cards to the series, but I had fun looking at the old art and look forward to putting them in sleeves  


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