Dollar TreeCG: Pokemon Triple Card Packs

I find it interesting how you can find Pokemon cards almost anywhere now. I remember years ago when they would sell them at 711 counters, where you could unwrap a pack while chugging slurpee. For a few years now, Dollar Tree has been stocking dollars worth of trading cards from different lines, some seem to be worth more than other. Most of the time, you’ll only see the empty boxes for them because they’re quite popular. The Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh packs sound good on paper, but are they really worth it? for the same price as a normal booster packs  ($3.99) you get 10 cards, with at least one foil. If you buy $4 worth of the dollar packs, you get 12 cards, but no definite foils. Bulbapedia says “The first card in every pack was a Common from the expansion, and the last Pokémon card in each pack was an Uncommon. The middle card was able to be any other card from the expansion, anywhere from Commons to Reverse Holofoils, Ultra Rares, or Secret cards.” That being said, it’s a bit hard to calculate the chances of getting any type of non-common card. 

I bought 10 different packs, 5 Primal Clash, 3 Fates Collide, and 2 Furious Fists. Primal Clash has 160 cards, 46 of them being foil, 18 are rare, 16 are ultra rare, and 12 are rare EX cards. Fate Collide has 32 foil cards out of 124, 5 are rare, 9 are ultra rare, 13 are rare EX, and 5 are rare BREAK. Finally, Furious Fists has the lowest amount out of the ones I picked with 111 cards, 23 of which are foil, and 9 are rare, 7 are ultra rare, and 7 are rare EX cards. So it’s possible out of 395 cards, I have a chance of getting 1 of 101 foil cards. Almost 1/4 being rare doesn’t sound so bad, but remember it’s only 1 out of the 3 cards that can be something other than common or uncommon. I started with the Primal Clash packs and right off the bat I’m greeted to a nice foil Ninetails 

I’m on a roll now, as the next few packs came with semi full art Pokemon, including another Foil

Next are the Fate Collide packs, is it possible to pull a BREAK or EX from one? To be honest though, I think the gold break cards are pretty ugly so it wouldn’t really matter to me anyway.

Nothing special, but there were a couple of evolution chains. So far, the art on some of these are beautiful, and is something getting a normal booster for. Now, I thought the Furious Fists packs would disappoint, but the very last one I opened ended up with something crazy.

An amazing Lucario EX was waiting for me. I didn’t think I’d get such great pulls with these, but they do seem to be worth it if you buy a handful of them. So if you find yourself in a dollar store that stocks these, grab a couple, cause you never know.


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