Dollar TreeCG: William Shatner’s Tek World

Recently I picked up a handful of random booster packs at Dollar Tree because there’s always something interesting. The one in my town doesn’t have much, so I have to travel just to find these. Fortunately, their pricing is buggy so sometimes you can find these for a penny and save a buck. To start the Dollar TreeCG series, I found Tek World packs based on William Shatner’s Tek War novels and comics. Strangely enough I found a copy of the Tek War game at the Savers right next door.

The packs, brought to you by CARDZ, come with 8 cards and, if you’re lucky, an autographed card by Kirk himself. although, the odds are 1 out of 1,728 packs…

Under the flap, the pack also tries to advertise a card album for only $13 and a 4-6 week wait time. What a deal!

This intrigued me is that the cards may be signed, something I first saw in Lovecraft’s Mythos packs.

Sadly, no signed cards, so I won’t be going to ebay today. On the plus side, the art, pulled from the comics, is amazing and each card has text from the novels or comics to accompany it. You could even build a story board once they’re all in order. 

In the end, even though I haven’t ready the comic, I still appreciate the art and plan on picking this old title up.



  1. Heh, I just bought 2 of these today myself, along with 4 packs of X-FIles Season 1 trading cards. Two packs rang up as a dollar, the other four were a penny each.


    1. The X-Files cards are beautiful, the only downside is they’re all in numerical order in each pack and #1 isn’t included with 2-6.


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