Booster Busting: Megaman NT Warrior Trading Card Game Grave Booster Box

A few months ago I was able to catch a deal on some booster boxes for the Megaman NT Warrior TCG, but they only sat sealed and collecting dust. Today I’m gonna take a look and see what the Grave set has in store. 

Box is a normal pop up display one that holds 24 booster packs. Since the theme is “Grave”, we should expect to see some dark themed navi.

The packs of each line feature 1 of 4 net navi and hold 10 cards each. This theme has Shadow Man, Skull Man, Bass, and Shark Man as prominent navi. 

So after cracking just 4 packs, things weren’t looking too optimistic. The packs themselves don’t say how many cards are in a series (or the odds of common to rare), but I think it’s a small amount. Also out of all 4 packs, there was 1 foil card where usually there is at least 1 per pack in other TCGs.

So the rest are opened and I gotta say, getting a booster box in hopes of making a deck is 50/50. There were A LOT of doubles, and only 1 or 2 operators to help with the navis. All in all, it’s worth it to pick up a few packs, but not 24.


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